Rope 7 m / Brockamp


The must in 7 m ropes. Perfect for working on a circle and the long reins.

7 m Brockamp rope in braided rope, ultra resistant.


  • Work on the circle
  • Long reins (with 2 x 7 m reins)

Special features

  • The rope, 13 mm in diameter, is made of braided polyester, which prevents it from deforming (unlike nylon or cotton, which stretch)
  • The quality of the rope and the type of braiding prevent burns to the hands when pulling
  • The length and weight of the rop allow you to make the right movements with your horse
  • The rope and the snap hook have the required weight to act with precision from the simple vibration of the hand
  • The rope is water and perspiration resistant
  • The rope is round for greater safety (limits the risk of winding up)
  • The rope is made of 8 braided wires, giving it unequalled strength and perfect flexibility
  • The rope has a ring and a snap hook, which is ideal when switching from a circle to a long rein
  • The end of the rope is a leather popper


Hand wash followed by application of 2 drops of oil on the carabiner or machine wash if the rope and carabiner are placed in a bag that prevents them from hitting the drum of the machine.

The reference 7m rope used by most horse(wo)men in ethological practice.

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