“Vahana’s mission is to improve horses well-being thanks to education.”

Vahana offers the best educational tools to be clear with horses, while respecting their nature and learning skills.

Natural horsemanship is the foundation of any relationships with horses.

Dressage, jumping, or any moments spent with horses… every shared moment requires humans to know how to communique with them, with calm, in the right timing and with the right movements.

The quality of the equipment let you concentrate on the essential: the bond with the horse.

Vahana offers the best tools in natural horsemanship:

  • Halters and lead ropes: they are comfortable when the horse gives the right answer, and precise in case of specific demand. They require a specific learning before being used.
    Our brands: Vahana for pros and skilled horse men and women, and Brockamp.
  • Sticks and savvy strings: they are the human body extension, to clarify the demands made to the horse.
  • Flags, horse balls, grinders enable to improve the connection with the horse and teaches him to be calmer in case of agitation. They are the must-have for the best security with horses.
  • Tie karabiner : they teach the horse to stay calm when tied to a fixed point.
  • Bareback pad : they enable to ride without constraints, to be as close as possible with the horse. By protecting the horse back while adding security for the rider. Discover the FlyPad..

Vahana offers the care products Karitale, naturals and made in France and the girths and protections from Picasso.

Find your products or contact us if you are a professional. We can propose special conditions.

Thank you for your suggestions. Let’s progress together, for the horse well-being!